CircleCI raises $100m Series E funding

CircleCI, the CI/CD platform for software innovation at scale, has announced it has successfully closed $100 million in Series E funding.

The new round was led by IVP and Sapphire Ventures. IVP Partner, Cack Wilhelm, will also be joining CircleCI’s board of directors.

CircleCI has raised $215 million in total funding since its founding in 2011. With this new round, CircleCI will continue to further execute on its promise to provide the best continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) solution to solve the world’s most complex software delivery needs.

The DevOps market is expected to grow to $15 billion by 2026. CI/CD is mission-critical to the success of these practices by helping engineering teams use automated processes to ship software faster and safer while ensuring the quality of the code they deploy.

CircleCI’s CI/CD platform ensures that every code commit is tested before it’s shipped, so engineering teams can focus on building quality products, which directly impacts customer satisfaction and overall business growth.

“CircleCI is built around the belief that CI/CD is at the heart of DevOps,” said Jim Rose, CEO, CircleCI. “It’s this big bet that has been core to our strategy from day one and will continue to be as we look toward the future.”

Brands like Spotify, Ford Motor Company, and Facebook trust CircleCI and within the past year thousands of new customers including global enterprises like NBC Universal, Citigroup, Aetna, and Unilever have signed on.

“CI/CD was once a cutting-edge development idea reserved for savvy technology companies, but now we’re seeing that expand to all companies,” said Cack Wilhelm, Partner, IVP.

“We believe CircleCI will continue to further their lead as the strongest pure-play CI/CD platform available in the market and we’re proud to be a party to that future.”

CircleCI closed a Series D funding round in July 2019 and has demonstrated strong momentum since the round. This includes increase in overall usage with CircleCI currently processes over 1.8 million jobs per day and the opening of a London office.

“CircleCI’s rapid growth within the developer tool space has been impressive,” says Jai Das, president and co-founder, Sapphire Ventures.

“There has been a lot of emphasis on growth opportunities in software, but not enough on the build, test, and deploy component, which I believe, is the most powerful when taking an idea to delivery. CircleCI addresses that need and empowers developers to spend their time doing what matters most and do it more quickly, more effectively, and at scale.”

CircleCI will use the Series E funding to further execute on its promise to deliver data and insights for users, focus on change validation, and support more complex software delivery needs.