Brighton startup develops tech 150 times more accurate than GPS

Naurt Image credits: Naurt

The GPS or Global Positioning Technology we have come to rely on has remained unchanged for years. However, the Brighton-based tech startup Naurt is all set to change that with its proprietary new technology that doesn’t require any new hardware to implement. The company is now launching a private beta phase, by trialling its new hyper-accurate satellite location technology.

Hyper accurate location info

Naurt is a fresh startup co-founded by Jack Maddalena and Nicolas Slack in April 2020. As per the company, its tech is 150 times more accurate than current GPS tracking technologies and is also capable of pinpointing exact location within 10cm, anywhere across the globe, either indoors or outside. 

In a conversation with UKTN, Maddalena reveals, “We use a combination of algorithms, AI, machine learning, heavy processing of data and deep knowledge of how precise tracking actually works. How we do it is a trade secret. However, we do all the work in the cloud and require nothing locally, which enables  us to offer our solution as a simple software plug and play.”

Naurt’s team currently consists of eight people, and the company has secured £500k in funding to date. It also joined the BRITE programme for high-growth South-East companies, which is in part funded by the European Regional Development. With its technology entering beta trials, it will hire two more people by the end of this month and will be on the lookout for more talent in the future. Maddalena tells us their team could grow to 15 members by the end of the year. 

Private beta

Thanks to a newly installed satellite, Naurt’s service has now entered the private beta phase. This satellite, installed on top of the Plus X Innovation Hub, is touted to gather data 14 times the speed of sound. High volume of information is supposed to help refine the company’s product while allowing the company to rapidly expand its customer base.  

“In the private beta, select customers will gain access to an early version of the full tracking package. We will be onboarding more customers over the next six months, segmented by levels of accuracy and use cases. So, we are starting with lower accuracy, open area clients, then moving on to higher precision and urban valley clients,” Slack adds. 

From helping you to pinpoint which pocket your phone is in to navigating around the city, high location accuracy can be beneficial in myriad ways. Further potential applications include greater accuracy in the energy and telecoms sectors for locating underground pipes and wires, and enabling safer aerial drone deliveries. The duo are currently working with travel company TUI to enable travellers to follow their journey in real-time from door to airport, airport to taxi, taxi to hotel room. Other clients include Sofology and The Roads and Transport Authority. 

Naurt’s BRITE inclusion

Naurt is a part of the BRITE innovation programme, which is a £10.5 million initiative that’s partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund led by Plus X in partnership with the University of Brighton. The programme is aimed at helping South-East businesses like Naurt to scale.

“Our goal is to be an integral part of the smart cities of the future, and the BRITE programme has been a key factor in making that a reality for us. Armed with this data, we can expect to see our customer base increase tenfold over the coming months,”  Jack concludes.