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Brighton AR startup that redefines online shopping grabs £300k funding

Percept Imagery
Image credits: Percept Imagery

Online shopping behaviour is changing and customers are 65% more likely to purchase from a brand that offers AR try-on and 1.73 billion smartphones are already AR-enabled. Percept Imagery, an augmented reality technology startup from Brighton has developed a solution that allows customers to try things on instantly through their smartphones.

Plans to develop AR technology

In a recent development, the company announced that it has bagged £300k in funding. The investment came from South East Angels and SFC Capital. It will help Percept Imagery to grow their team and continue to develop their technology, which will enable the many retailers who have been hit hard during the pandemic, to serve their customers better.

Akshay Saswade, co-founder of Percept Imagery said, “With this investment, we will be able to accelerate the next major e-commerce evolution with our cutting-edge augmented reality platform, as well as build our team and expand our customer base.”

Kristina, Managing Director of South East Angels said, “I have seen the co-founding team at Percept Imagery go from strength to strength since they started out on their journey and we are thrilled to be supporting them on their journey to continue to develop technology that will change the way customers shop online. Our investors were particularly impressed with the tenacity of the team and their technical knowledge, and we are looking forward to seeing them continue to thrive.”

Ed Stevenson, Investment Manager at SFC Capital said, “We were delighted to have led Percept Imagery’s latest funding round. With the rapid shift towards e-commerce in recent months, there has never been a better time for their seamlessly integrated AR solution to not only improve the online shopping experience but also to boost conversion for retailers and reduce the number of returns. We were really impressed with the team at Percept Imagery and cannot wait to see what the coming months hold for them.”

Sprie, its immersive try-on platform

Furthermore, Percept Imagery will use the investment to further enhance their immersive try-on platform, Sprie. It provides personalised shopping experiences to customers that blend the online and real worlds together.

Rohan Satpute, co-founder of Percept Imagery said, “Sprie enables brands to better position their products online by providing a virtual try-on experience for their customers without the need to download an app. This instantly overcomes buying resistance, shortens the sales timeline and reduces product returns.”

Percept Imagery: A heads-up!

Founded in 2018 by Akshay Saswade and Rohan Satpute, Percept Imagery has been selected as Tech Nation’s Rising Star. Also, it is endorsed and backed by leading organisations such as NatWest, DIT, and Digital Catapult.

Since the launch of Sprie in March 2020, the startup has seen rapid growth with over 40k virtual try-ons being enabled by the platform every month. Percept Imagery has ambitious plans to establish partnerships with e-commerce marketplaces and independent brands across the Western Europe and the US following the success they have already seen in the UK.