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Bitcoin, Brexit and Imogen Heap: The Blockchain Issue by Tech City News available now

imogen heap blockchain magazine

We are happy to announce that Tech City News’ latest print magazine issue has launched.

Focusing on the topic of blockchain, issue 10 of our popular tech magazine, features Imogen Heap, award winning artist and technologist, as its cover star. Heap, whose interest in technology stems back to her childhood, is also the focus of a piece detailing how she’s hoping to leverage blockchain technology to decentralise the music industry.

Additional features include an exploration of decentralised ledgers, what they are and how they work; a piece on what a possible Brexit would mean for tech companies in the UK; a look at the rising stars in the blockchain space and an interview with Mariano Belinky, the head of Santander’s innovation fund and an investor in blockchain technology.

The magazine also includes an overview of the top 10 tech investments of Q1 2016 and a deep-dive into the top three investments of the quarter, plus various guest contributions from seasoned experts, about the potential and limitations of blockchain technology.

Our ‘And Finally…’ section features a spotlight piece on co-working spaces in London as well as the regular recommendations on what to download, read and watch.

Tech City News‘ editor Emily Spaven and reporter Yessi Bello Perez round off the issue with a head to head and Chris McCullough, co-founder of online employee scheduling software Rotageek and Elevator Pitch Alumni, shares his company’s progress and answers some truly bizarre questions in ’60 Seconds With …’.

Here’s a full list of content to give you an idea of what to expect:


8 Top 10 Investments of Q1 2016
9 Top 3 Investments of Q1 2016
12 Startup Policy: Q1 in review
14 Tech around the world
16 Key tech facts and figures
17 Brexit: Why UK tech is firmly behind the EU
19 Startup Surgery


22 What is blockchain technology?
26 Imogen Heap: Decentralising the music industry with blockchain
30 Bitcoin: Blockchain’s first app
34 Why Santander InnoVentures is investing in blockchain
38 Blockchain: A legal perspective
41 The opportunities in blockchain
45 Blockchain can fix our broken relationship with the material world
48 Rising Stars in blockchain technology
51 Imagine the trust: The role of blockchain in financial services
55 The future of blockchain in social good
59 Blockchains are handy, but they’re no magic bullet


62 The download list
63 Book list
64 Film list
65 Launching Moviesweep in a Google World
66 Spotlight on … co-working spaces
69 Gadget showdown
70 60 seconds with … Chris McCullough

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