London-based Bia Care join hands with cancer clinic Genesis Care to address side effect of menopause

Bia Care

In the latest development, Bia Care, a menopause startup, has announced a partnership with the UK’s cancer clinic, Genesis Care to address a taboo of cancer care – the side effect of menopause

According to the company, 30% of women treated for breast cancer will experience the sudden onset of menopause symptoms, as a result of their treatment. However, the availability of this care is limited by a lack of specialist healthcare professionals.

Through a unique pilot with Bia Care, a digital menopause clinic, women are being given access to the gold standard of menopause care alongside their cancer treatment.

About Bia Care

Founded in 2020 by a group of NHS Healthcare Professionals, Bia Care connects women with the UK’s menopause specialists, through technology. With Bia Care, patients receive care from leading menopause doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists, and health coaches. The intervention is clinically proven to improve menopause symptoms by up to 60%.

Dr. Juliet Balfour, Chief Menopause Officer at Bia Care says, “Menopause treatment has been overlooked for a long time as part of cancer aftercare. This is a turning point for the thousands of women affected by this issue every year. It is testament to the power of technology and vision of the UK’s leading healthcare providers that we are able to deliver this service”

About GenesisCare

Based out of Sydney, GenesisCare provides high-quality specialist care to patients with cancer and cardiovascular disease, the two largest disease burdens globally. The company is currently involved in or leading more than 110 clinical trials. 

Dr. Russell Burcombe, Consultant Oncologist at GenesisCare comments: “Many breast cancer patients suffer from menopausal symptoms for a variety of reasons – chemotherapy-induced ovarian failure, ovarian function suppression or endocrine therapy, for example. Most are advised strongly against the use of HRT for symptom relief. The opportunity to provide menopause advice and non-hormonal interventions through an interactive supportive digital platform is a great opportunity for our patients.”

On 10th January 2022, Bia Care is hosting a live discussion with national thought leaders to discuss how we can improve the quality of menopause care women receive after cancer treatment.