ANNA, the mobile business current account and financial admin assistant for small businesses and freelancers is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with ABHH Group.

The group is investing over $21m into the company and acquiring a majority stake in ANNA at an implied valuation of $110m.

ANNA will continue to operate as a standalone brand, maintaining operational independence, its headquarters in
London and customer service team in Cardiff.

Eduard Panteleev co-founder of ANNA said, “This is an exciting moment in ANNA’s journey. In just over 19 months since we launched, this investment recognises the success we’ve achieved so far and will help support the development of our business in the UK and expansion further into the EU and other markets.”

Alan Vaksman, member of the supervisory board at Amsterdam Trade Bank and future chairman of ANNA said, “Joining forces with Alfa Group – a strong financial and operational partner helps us towards our goal of becoming the leading UK and EU SME provider of business current accounts and financial admin services.

“I’m looking forward to embarking on this exciting journey together. At this moment most SMEs find themselves in
a challenging situation, however, once the pandemic comes to an end, there will be a very clear realisation that
neither corporates nor family businesses can afford to run most operational processes manually. Tech services and platforms, like ANNA, are in for some dynamic times ahead.”

ANNA aims to add a broader suite of digital financial services for UK and EU SMEs and freelancers, including
lending products, that will be integrated with ABHH other EU financial service providers, such as Amsterdam Trade
Bank (The Netherlands).