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Almost half of Scottish jobs under threat by automation, report says


Almost half of jobs in Scotland could be taken by machines before 2030, a report on automation has warned.

The ‘Scotland Skills 2030’ report, produced by the Institute for Public Policy Scotland, said 46% of Scottish jobs – about 1.2 million – are at “high risk” of automation.

The report said that by 2030 Scots of working-age “are more likely to be working longer, and will often have multiple jobs, with multiple employers and in multiple careers”.

IPPR Scotland, which describes itself as a “progressive think tank”, recommended increased provision for mid-career training and education, to support the growing number of employees who will transition to a new career midway through their working life.

The IPPR Scotland think tank wants to see the creation of a new Open Institute of Technology, which will provide a “mix of online and face-to-face [training] provision”, and will be designed to deliver “improved rates of career progression, pay and productivity”....