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Zava raises $32m in Series A funding round

Zava has raised $32m in a Series A funding round ahead of its launch into statutory healthcare systems in Germany, the UK, and France.

The funding round was led by growth equity firm HPE Growth, and Zava plans to use the investment to further accelerate its growth.

The funding also intends to aid Zava’s business expansion in existing markets and eventually grow globally.

David Meinertz, Co-founder and CEO of Zava, said: “In a world of an ageing population and rising costs, healthcare systems are at a breaking point.

“Barriers are put in people’s way and stop them getting the support they need. Zava exists to break down these barriers – costs, access, and information.

“We’re pleased that our new partners at HPE Growth share that great ambition.”

The London-based digital healthcare provider aims to build healthcare that is accessible, dependable and affordable and has provided over three million paid consultations to date.

Every month 100,000 patients access Zava from the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland.