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60 Seconds With … Emma Sinclair MBE, co-founder of EnterpriseJungle and the youngest to IPO in the UK

emma sinclair mbe

Meet Emma Sinclair, the co-founder of EnterpriseJungle and the youngest ever person to IPO a company in the UK at the age of 29.

In one sentence, what does your company do? We built an HR solution called EnterpriseAlumni by EnterpriseJungle, which helps large enterprises manage alumni and retirees to increase talent pools and reduce internal costs.

Where are you based? London – with regular visits to California.

How did the idea come about? It was a co-innovation with our customer. SAP HR drafted us in to solve a pain point: the problem of how to better engage with their alumni. It was their belief and requirement this solution should be fully integrated into their technology ecosystem (as opposed to a standalone app) and products on the market were simply not able to do this for them. We realised, when we built the product, that this issue of better engaging with alumni wasn’t limited to SAP but was in fact a global corporate problem. We now solve this with our solution....