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5 startups to watch from Collider’s demo day

Collider, a business-to-brand accelerator, showcased their most recent cohort of startups at the offices of DigitasLBi.

They focus on advertising and marketing startups that enable brands to better engage, understand and sell to their consumers.

Collider promote partnerships between startups and brands, helping them find their first clients and increase future revenue.

A focus on brands

With Collider, backed by Creative England, startups receive £60k funding in return for a 15% equity stake.

They go through a three month programme, including mentoring and training, before being introduced to established brands to help them grow further.

The graduates were on stage at Collider’s 2014 Demo Day, with companies including Unilever, BBC Worldwide, and Betfred in the audience.

Tech City News profiled five of this year’s graduating class.


Liverpool-based LivingLens turn consumer videos into insights for brands.

Brands can search consumers’ recorded videos for specific spoken words to access relevant consumer insights. They can then be cut and turned into a valuable research tool for any brand.

Corporate deal: Unilever.

Screenshot 2014-05-19 at 12.05.37Ad Venture

If you ever thought that most TV advertising isn’t relevant to you, Ad Venture are here to help.

They are effectively bringing online style personalised advertising to your living room. Their technology replaces traditional advertising with interactive targeted ads that are individual to each viewer.

You still need to watch the ads unfortunately.

Corporate deal: Channel 4


Stashmetrics use social media data to create behavioural profiles of audiences.

Brands can use the data and profiles to better understand who their customers are, and how to best interact with them. They were one of the many startups to get deals with Unilever who have seen collaboration with comapanies like these as a way to grow their business as well.

Corporate deal: Unilever


This is the platform for you if you are planning a PR or marketing campaign.

CampaignAmp. is a project management and analytics platform that combines campaign data with updates direct from your team in the field. It also lets you keep with campaigns wherever you are.

They are one of the many startups have come out of Manchester’s tech scene.

Corporate deal: Simon Cowell’s SYCO label


Seenit, who are based in London, are actually graduates of the most recent BBC Worldwide Labs.

Their platform gives brands the power to create video content with their audience. Brands can collect and curate videos from any smartphone and quickly turn them around into high quality videos.

Corporate deal: BetFred