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Early Impact: Journally, an app supporting athlete mental health


There are more resources for mental health support than ever before. The problem is not everyone experiences mental health issues the same way, and according to elite sailor Jessica Jobson, one group in particular faces intense mental pressure with inadequate support: high-level athletes.

“In sport, you’re constantly under pressure to get the most out of your body and mind,” she tells UKTN. “You’ve got to turn up and you’ve got to win. It’s not like you have to just do well – you have to win.”

Jobson explains that when it comes to athletics, all the physical training in the world can’t help you if you’re neglecting your mind.

“Athletes train their bodies every day but when they compete, it’s their mind that will let them down. Whether it’s just not being in the right headspace or actually having mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.”...