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Borderless raises £2.5m for Care worker relocation platform

Image credit: Ground Picture / Shutterstock

Borderless, a workforce migration platform assisting with staff relocation, has raised £2.5m in a funding round led by Backed VC.

Launched in January 2023, the Borderless platform was built to support the workforce in the care sector. The platform provides staff sourcing and automated vetting services for care homes.

As the sector relies heavily on international workers, Borderless also supports companies looking to sponsor foreign staff coming to the UK with background information, documents and an in-house immigration team to review the application. Borderless then submits the application on behalf of the company.

“We all have ageing parents and grandparents and are keenly aware of the rapidly increasing average age in the UK. The number of care professionals must grow from 1.7 million today to 2.6 million by 2030, to satisfy demand and ensure a good level of care for our elderly,” said Borderless co-founder Jonathan Raphael.

The seed investment round also included support from Entrepreneur First and Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company.

While primarily focused on care workers, Borderless said it will look at expanding into more areas of healthcare, with the hopes of supporting the understaffed NHS.

Raphael, added: “Despite huge numbers of talented workers, both overseas and increasing in the UK, complex processes for employers have become major barriers. Not to mention the terrible experience for candidates who can end up resorting to shady third parties that charge them to find a job.”