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Health insurtech startup Peachy raises £1.5m


Insurtech startup Peachy has raised £1.5m in a funding round in support of its app-based platform that provides quick access to private health services.

Founded in 2021, Peachy’s all-in-one platform lets customers access private health coverage, find local specialists, and have digital access to GPs via phone and video chat.

Customers can build custom health plans and make claims through the Peachy app.

“My former career as a surgeon in the NHS and subsequent time as an executive in and around the private healthcare industry gave me all the experience, insight and exposure to see and know what works and what doesn’t,” said Peachy founder and CEO Amit Patel.

“We are proud of what we have built with Peachy – a true end-to-end technology-based solution that private medical insurance has been in desperate need of for years. More than anything, we are excited about the much larger cross-section of the public who will now find it radically easier and more affordable to get the private healthcare they want, all of which will help ease the strain on the NHS.”

The funding came from a list of angel investors from the world of private healthcare and insurance, including former executives at Bupa and the Chartered Institute of Insurance.

“The Peachy team has done a stunning job in delivering a modern integrated digital health solution, a radically better way for health insurance to work for a wider population,” said Damien Marmion, Peachy investor and ex-chief executive at Axa Global Health and former CEO of Bupa Insurance.

“Peachy will help reduce the burden on the NHS, broaden engagement in private care and is a refreshing digital solution amongst analogue traditional insurance.”