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Seoul summit must spotlight AI inclusivity crisis 

Seoul AI Safety Summit 2024
Image credit: f11photo / Shutterstock

While tech leaders scramble to create business models to capture the power of AI, politicians and regulators have been scrambling to write the rulebook. I’m sad to report that many of the rulebook writers appear to have taken their collective foot off the gas.

The first AI Safety Summit in Bletchley Park last November made a big splash, and the UK was a driving force. Yet the 2024 follow-up in Seoul – starting tomorrow – looks set to be a notably more muted affair.

The curse of the sequel is a well-known phenomenon and this summit was always intended to be a mini version of the first, but rumours are swirling of lower-than-expected turnout and ministerial dropouts. The Canadian and Dutch governments, as well as the EU’s chief tech regulators, have all said they do not plan to attend the Seoul summit, according to Reuters....