As the autumn deadline for the LaserTrain launch approached, Laser Precision Solutions LPS teams were in a panic.

With an already tight budget dwindling, and the deadline a few days away, additional parts from a manufacturer were needed. 3D Hubs provided the assurance and expertise to keep the project moving forward, and to meet the fast production needs, LPS was able to upload via a secured server, CAD designs meant for CNC machining services.

The Design for Manufacturing (DfM) platform immediately identified potential locations of error. Likewise, the platform produced an on-demand CNC quote. In a matter of hours, CNC machining was at work, creating the parts in need.

CNC machining services, when matched with the capability of the internet, enhances the powerful solutions existing for production processes. Proud of its online and on-demand manufacturing platform, 3D Hubs makes this technology accessible to companies seeking the competitive edge worldwide. The capacity for an instant CNC quote is duplicable and therefore scalable, and the manufacturing analysis completed immediately highlights areas of adjustment in design.  The application of such a platform, entirely automated from design, prototyping, to end-use part, drastically reduces production cost. 

“When we started working with 3D Hubs, we noticed an immediate difference in lead time and product cost. Using the DfM tools for CNC machining to quickly iterate throughout the whole design process, we managed to reduce production costs by up to 50%“ – said an LPS Spokesman. 

LPS, a transportation company based in Amsterdam, initially called upon many suppliers for the process of designing its LaserTrain. Deploying a simplified production, that consistently provided short lead times and reliability, reduced money spent throughout the company’s design process.

Founded in 2013, the company has created over 3 million parts worldwide. Automating CNC services means true price-competitive quotes and faster lead times.

“Next year we are aiming for several LaserTrains and we can now do this without investing in production machines, as we can easily understand what the economies of scale are in what 3D Hubs can offer.”

LPS choosing to work within the infrastructure of the company adds scalability to the economies of scale provided. Unlike CNC machining metals, the utilisation of fewer chemical compounds in creating materials suitable for manipulation through 3D production, coupled with lower traditional labor cost, expensive materials are now used to manufacture parts with precision. 

According to a recent Berkeley study, CNC machining causes excessive waste, and when compared with its 3D counterpart, more labor-intensive.

The waste was caused by the deduction manufacturing process, and the labor-intensive tasks of programming the machine. Time spent with a skilled professional manually adjusting a CNC machine to shape a needed part is rapidly becoming a moment in the past.

Today, a few clicks of a mouse renders precise instructions, and upon receipt of those instructions by the machines, the design creation begins. This online framework, with 1 on 1 account attention, rapidly developing economies of scale, speed of production, specific automation of key processes, combine to shed light on how LPS as a company was able to see high monetary gains. Around 50% overall cost reduction. They are not unique in their experience. Serving organisations both large and small, instant Design for Manufacturing (DfM) technology is a technology worth giving a try.