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Talis Capital closes £81m for early-stage fund

Talis Capital fund
Image credit: Talis Capital

Venture capital firm Talis Capital has closed $100m (£80.9m) out of a target of $175m (£141.7m) for its third and largest fund.

The investor will carry on backing tech infrastructure, climate, synthetic biology and consumer internet businesses at the seed to Series A stage of up to $10m (£8.1m).

“The tech industry is undergoing a moment of transformation, yet history’s proven well-supported visionaries and entrepreneurs flourish in such disruptive times as discontinuity drives opportunity,” said Matus Maar, managing partner at Talis Capital.

The London-based venture capital firm has previously invested in British tech companies Darktrace, Onfido and Bondaval.

Financing for the fund has come from institutional investors and founders Talis Capital told UKTN.

Talis Capital has allocated part of its third fund to three partnerships, including one with insurtech startup Bondaval and San Francisco-based carbon textiles startup Rubi Laboratories.

Thomas Williams, general partner at Talis Capital, said: “We know progress is cumulative in science and engineering but cyclical in finance and this time is no different – there is no such thing as good time or bad time to start a company, there are trade-offs.”

Matus Maar, Thomas Williams and Kirill Tashilov manage Talis Capital. Since beginning in 2012, the venture capital firm reports it has supplied more than £250m in funding.

“As a result, we think more like biologists than physicists – we think of economic webs and complex adaptive systems more than we do of simple value chains.,” said Kirill Tashilov, general partner at Talis Capital.