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Social planning app Howbout raises £1.9m

Howbout Snapchat
Image credit: Howbout

London-based startup Howbout has raised £1.9m in funding for its app for groups to organise social activities.

Founded in 2020, Howbout provides tools for groups to make social plans using polls, calendar-sharing, or “smart time matching” that identifies when everyone is available. Users can then chat within individual plans.

“Let’s face it – making plans with friends can be draining,” said Neil Tanna, co-founder and CEO, Howbout. “The faff of finding a time that works for everyone and then agreeing what you’re doing and where you’re doing it usually stops the majority of plans from happening.”

The new funding for Howbout came from ACF Investors, Supernode Global, Boost Capital, senior advisor for Snap Inc (Snapchat) Claire Valoti, alongside Paypal and Skype alumni Desigan Chinniah.

Howbout’s additional funds will go towards developing and promoting the app globally and increasing headcount. To date, the app has had over 500,000 downloads.

Tim Mills, managing partner at ACF Investors, said: “Howbout’s organic global growth is a testament to how much value users are getting out of this app.

“The existing social media giants are so often in the headlines – rarely for a good reason – that we forget that this is an area that is actually ripe for innovation.”

Howbout was founded by CEO Neil Tanna, CFO Jake Jenner and CTO Duncan Cowan.

Manchester-based app Linkup, which also encourages people to meet up in person, raised £450,000 earlier this year.