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UK fintech Curve to launch crowdfunding campaign

Image credits: Curve

Curve, the multi-use banking platform which consolidates several cards and accounts into one smart card and app is launching a seven figure crowdfunding campaign this September.

With a valuation of $250m, it sits alongside the UK’s most exciting scaleups; Transferwise, Monzo, Revolut and Starling. The fintech has raised over $70m to date.

According to the business, over 500,000 people have signed up to its All Your Cards in One smart card and app since it launched in 2018. Curve currently employs 160 employees and is on track to double its customer base to around 1 million by the end of the year.

Next month, Curve will be offering eligible customers a chance to invest in and own a part of the startup. The funding will be done through Crowdcube, and eligible Curve customers will be able to invest from as little as £10 to own part of the business and gain access to exclusive shareholder rewards.

CEO Shachar Bialick said: “We’ve always had a radical vision at Curve. We’re working to revolutionise the world of finance and move banking to the cloud. We’re building an Over-The-Top Banking Platform that simplifies your life and saves you money. Whilst we may still be in the early stages of our journey, we’re extremely proud of our progress so far. And we’re beyond excited for what’s to come.

“We’re now opening up ownership of Curve to eligible customers, which presents an exceptional opportunity for our eligible customers to invest in a product they love and a business that is growing at a phenomenal rate. Innovation at Curve is constant, and we will be rolling out a series of game changing benefits and functionalities, while continuing our growth into Europe in the months ahead.”

Luke Lang, co-founder of Crowdcube, added: “Curve’s campaign shows how harnessing the power of community can be turned into a strategic business milestone. We’re delighted to be partnering with Curve to open up an exciting avenue for new and existing customers to invest.”