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Nando’s trials Karakuri automated chip fryer

Nandos Karakuri
Image credit: Nandos & Karakuri

Kitchen robotics startup Karakuri has completed a trial of its automated chip fryer with restaurant chain Nando’s.

It marks the first time the London-based company has deployed its automated chip fryer in a live commercial kitchen. During a 30-day trial at a Nando’s Royal Park in London, Karakuri’s chip-frying robot helped cook over 4 tonnes of chips. According to the company, the ‘/FRYR’ robot can output up to 550 portions of chips per hour.

Cameron Roberts, group chief operating officer, Nandos’, said: “In testing Karakuri’s /FRYR, we wanted to see how we can further improve the quality, consistency, and availability of our chips, while meeting our environmental objectives of reducing food and oil waste and reducing energy consumption.”

Karakuri’s /FRYR robot automates the cooking process by taking frozen chips from its built-in freezer and then using its robotic arms to fry them.

Karakuri has also created /SEMBLR, a personalised meal-creation machine.

“The quick service (QSR) and fast casual market is driven by finding fresh, new ways to deliver an exceptional customer experience that keep consumers coming back for more,” said Karakuri’s CEO and founder Barney Wragg.

“Chips are key to a restaurant’s success, both in terms of customer satisfaction and brand consistency.”

Founded by Wragg in 2018, Karakuri has raised more than £13.5m in funding, including backing from Ocado.

Last month, Wragg teased the trial on the UKTN’ Podcast, revealing that Karakuri will this year install and work with “some of the biggest QSR, fast-food restaurant chains in the world”.

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