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Wellness activity app Magic Mountain raises £500k

Magic Mountain, a new group wellness activity app, has announced that it has raised £500,000 in funding over the past six months, including £250,000 in April.

The app is a socially interactive tool which allows users to set activity-based goals, share them with other individuals and collaboratively track progress. It aims to help people build healthy habits, through the power of group psychology, teamwork and friendship.

Using calories as a measure of output, Magic Mountain seamlessly syncs with Apple Watches or Healthkit, with the ability to add manually logged workouts too.

By forming “teams” with their friends, users can collectively share their goals and track progress live as their avatar ascends a virtual mountain. A chat function allows the team to communicate, celebrate goals together and share sweaty selfies after each activity.

Magic Mountain launches during a period of unprecedented uncertainty and aims to provide people across the UK with a solution for maintaining their physical wellbeing and connectivity with friends, family and colleagues in the wake of social distancing measures and relative isolation.

As such, the app has attracted a significant level of investment, which will be used to invest into technology updates and increased marketing activity.

Representing Magic Mountain, Charles Fletcher, Head of Corporate at international law firm Taylor Vinters, commented: “Magic Mountain are delighted to announce this funding of £500,000 in the past six months, including a hugely impressive £250,000 in the last month alone.

“We’re currently living in very challenging circumstances and so it is great to see that people are prepared to direct their investments towards technologies and services which are helping people across the country adapt to the ‘new normal’.”