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How UK tech businesses are supporting Ukraine

UK tech Ukraine

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine rages on, UK tech businesses have stepped up to provide assistance to Ukraine in whatever ways they can.

London-based fintech Zopa Bank has offered sponsorship of 50 work visas of eligible Ukrainian applicants already in the UK. Applicants must have a background in engineering, technology, and data analytics or have experience in consumer financial services.

Additionally, Zopa has offered to fast track assessment and selection of Ukrainians who want to join their British national family members in the UK. Successful applicants will be guaranteed a job at Zopa and receive a relocation allowance of one month’s salary.

A Zopa spokesperson told UKTN: “Zopa is very concerned with the situation unfolding in Ukraine and we felt that it was important to make a gesture towards those suffering as a result of the conflict. We hope that Zopa can provide security, a good job, and a safe space for Ukrainians and those with Ukrainian families who are based in the UK.”

Zopa Bank became a unicorn last October after securing £220m in a funding round led by Japan’s SoftBank Group.

Ukrainian applicants can email [email protected] for more information or go to Zopa’s careers page.

London-based AI fintech All Street has said its ESG ratings platform Sevva will decrease the score of any stocks on the Moscow Stock Exchange to zero. Sevva provides reviews on all public and private companies around the world based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Emanuela Vartolomei, founder and CEO of All Street, said: “I strongly condemn the devastating decision taken by Putin to invade Ukraine and feel a personal responsibility to take practical action. Every company needs to do what it can to weaken Putin’s regime, and today’s decision by All Street reflects this.”

Revolut has offered to relocate its Ukraine-based employees to a different country or elsewhere in Ukraine. It has also partnered with a security solutions provider to give updates and logistical support. The London based fintech has also removed transfer fees when sending to Ukrainian bank accounts and have made it possible for customers to donate money.

Tech Nation’s Visa team is prioritising applications of any nationality in Ukraine and any Ukrainians in neighbouring countries. As well as Russian and Belarusian employees who work for UK tech companies who cannot be paid due to the SWIFT sanctions.

London-based Kavida AI has used its artificial intelligence to create dashboards that show all public information relating to the Ukraine situation. The dashboards show ‘Conflict and Casualties within Ukraine’, ‘Refugee crisis at the borders’ and ‘Global response to the war’.

“Our AI is digesting and analysing all publicly available intelligence on the situation as it unfolds. It analyses over 50,000 news articles per hour along with social media data to get a birds-eye view of the war. We hope to enable targeted support to organisations wanting to help,” said Anam Rahman, CEO and founder of Kavida AI.

Mobica, a software business based in Wilmslow has 25 of its staff in Ukraine and 600 in Poland. It plans to relocate its Ukrainian engineers and is welcoming applications from all Ukrainian software engineers to have their applications fast-tracked and help them relocate to Poland.