Russian-born Revolut boss denounces war in Ukraine

Russian Revolut

Nikolay Storonsky, Russian-born CEO of UK fintech giant Revolut has publicly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In a blog post published by Revolut, Storonsky, who holds both British and Russian citizenship, described the war as “horrifying” and “impossible to believe”.

Storonsky grew up in Russia with a Ukrainian father and believes “Ukrainians and Russians are kin.”

The fintech CEO also stated that “I want our people in Ukraine to know they are my top priority.”

Revolut had previously stated to UKTN that it would be making sure users could continue sending money to people in Ukraine with “the associated transfer fees” being waived.

The CEO’s latest statement reaffirms this, as well as highlights further efforts from the company to facilitate support for Ukraine.

“We at Revolut have also made it possible for millions of our customers to donate instantly to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal,” Storonsky said.

Several other actions from the company to support Ukraine were also laid out in the post: “On Friday, we opened instant, fee-free donations to our customers in the UK, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria and Singapore.

“Our customers donated more than £1 million within 24 hours. Since then, we’ve added 17 more European countries to that list, with even more around the world to come.”

Storonsky concluded by announcing the latest effort from Revolut, declaring that “every donation made to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal will be matched by Revolut.”

“For every pound or euro or złoty or franc donated by a Revolut customer to the appeal, Revolut will donate the same again, from today for the next 7 days, up to £1.5m.”