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Northern Ireland is top region for UK coding jobs – report

Coding jobs UK

Northern Ireland has been revealed as the top UK region for coding job opportunities, according to a report published by the Code Institute.

The data shows that 6.2% of all available jobs in Northern Ireland are coding related.

While Northern Ireland software developers have lower salaries compared to other UK regions, they are paid on average 1.4x more than other available roles across the country and have an average salary of £43,690.

Northern Ireland is followed by London and South East England for UK coding job opportunities. Scotland ranks fourth, while Wales comes in tenth.

“As the UK economy becomes more and more tech-centric, we’re seeing certain regions and cities transform themselves into booming tech hubs,” said Jane Gormley, director, Careers at Code Institute.

At the bottom of the list at 12 for UK region coding opportunities was the East Midlands.

London was found to offer the most roles for developers, but scores lower than Northern Ireland for the percentage of jobs available being coding related, coming in at 4.6%.

The capital provides the highest average salary at £68,019, which is 1.5x higher on average than other jobs in London.

“This is fantastic news for software developers and those who are planning to learn how to code, and job hunters can target these regions for the best opportunities,” added Gormley.

Scotland was found to be the most generous with pay rises as it pays developers 1.6x higher on average compared to other available jobs in the country at £51,215.

The top UK cities for coding opportunities were found to be Belfast, followed by Cambridge and Gloucester.

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