Trainline announces new ticket feature SplitSave

Trainline, the leading independent train and coach travel platform in the UK, has launched its latest money-saving feature, SplitSave.

SplitSave gives customers access to ‘split tickets’ on eligible routes across the UK, offering them the chance to make savings on thousands of journeys nationwide.

The new feature means that UK train travellers could collectively save a huge £340 million in 2020.

SplitSave finds clever combinations of tickets to save customers money on 64% of routes nationwide. It automatically ‘splits’ their trip into multiple legs, without any need for customers to change trains unnecessarily or make changes to their route – all they need to do is show different tickets along their journey.

SplitSave analyses millions of train journeys and fares, to identify the best place to split the journey in order to maximise savings, whilst ensuring customers do not have unnecessary train changes and a complex travel experience.

Powered by machine-learning, SplitSave circumvents the need to exhaustively search every split combination each time a customer searches for an eligible route – instead it learns to predict the best place to split tickets.

Mark Holt, Chief Technology Officer, Trainline said: “We’re always striving to make train travel easier and more seamless for our customers, so one of our design goals was to default to SplitSave when cheaper tickets are available. To do this without compromising the customer experience required a stream of user interface improvements, clever enhancements to ticketing and fulfilment systems, and a lot of work from our search teams to avoid overloading industry systems.

“We’re really excited to give the whole nation easy access to the great savings it offers”.

Sam Taylor, Head of Data Science, Trainline added: “Machine learning plays a vital role in minimising the demand on our partners’ data sources, whilst providing the best split ticket options, balancing savings with travel experience, to our customers at speed.

“The more that customers search for routes that are eligible for SplitSave, the more accurate the technology will become and the more split ticket savings it will identify.”

SplitSave is currently available on Trainline’s iOS and Android app only.