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The most innovative UK-led space companies exploring new galaxies of technology in 2020

Dr Joanna Hart

UK space technologies sector might be at a nascent stage and smaller as compared to its US and Asian counterparts. However, in order to boost this industry, the government has endorsed some ambitious plans in the recent past. The UK space sector eyes to reach a target of 10% of the global space market share in a decade, which is by 2030. It intends to do the same by bringing together talent in a collaborative way. 

Talking about the ambitious UK space sector, UKTN spoke to Dr Joanna Hart, Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager. Globally recognised hub Harwell Space Cluster comprises 105 space organisations including the UK and European space agencies. It also supports the UK space sector to achieve this goal by bringing companies together to share knowledge, identify opportunities for collaboration and highlight UK space sector capabilities to an international audience. 

On asking if the UK’s space industry will be able to meet this target by 2030, she says, “This ambitious goal has brought all the players in the UK space sector together. This common alignment of purpose, along with great talent, companies and innovation means that the UK is well placed to deliver on its objective. The UK Government has signalled its ambition in space with the establishment of the National Space Council, indicating that all the levers of Government are ready to be used, as needed, to encourage the UK space sector to deliver on this target.” ...