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Getir to launch in 15 cities in UK with 100 dark stores by 2021-end


Getir, and their purple couriers, are going to be an increasingly common sight on the UK’s streets. Starting the year with no presence in the UK market, they are set for major expansion in the second half of the year. The rapid grocery delivery service — their ten-minute delivery is quicker than a trip to the shops and back — hopes to double its workforce of 1,500 and operate in up to 15 cities by the end of 2021, as confirmed by Turancan Salur, UK General Manager at Getir to UKTN.

Although unknown in the UK at the start of the year, Getir was established in Istanbul in 2015 and the service and operational model was well-honed before they began their explosive expansion in 2021 again local home grown online grocery delivery startups including Weezy, Dija, Zapp and more. First launching in London in January, Getir has now also launched in other European cities, adding Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris in May and June.

Operations begin in Birmingham and Manchester

However, the UK has been earmarked for rapid expansion. Birmingham and Manchester saw purple Getir riders hit their streets at the end of June, and the company is identifying other towns and cities for their service. Salur reels off some of the places they are looking at, “Brighton, Bristol, Sheffield, Leicester, Leeds, Liverpool, you name it. When you look at the cities with the highest population, we want to be in all of those.”...