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Mocean Energy gets £3m wave of EU funding

Mocean Energy
Mocean Energy’s Blue X wave energy converter

A wave energy machine developed by Mocean Energy is scheduled to be deployed in Orkney following a £3.2m (€3,749,405) investment coming from EU funding.

The Scottish company has developed technology to harness the energy of waves offshore. One of those machines, the Blue Horizon 250 (kW), will be connected to the grid via the European Marine Energy Centre and tested for 12 months.

Mocean said it will bring in private funding to complete the project.

“We have already demonstrated our technology successfully at small scale and this programme will allow us to build a significantly larger machine based on our proven hinged raft design, and incorporate our novel direct drive generator,” said Cameron McNatt, managing director and co-founder of Mocean Energy.

Mocean Energy aims to expand from a singular device to a wave farm capable of 1 to 2 MW by 2030.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, the wave energy machine company will make the Blue Horizon 250 in Scotland and will be installed as soon as 2025. It also has an office in Aberdeen.

Tim Hurst, managing director of Wave Energy Scotland, said: “With their Blue X prototype deployed in Scapa Flow, Mocean Energy proved their technology had the right cost, performance and reliability to deliver commercial wave energy.”

Mocean Energy’s latest wave of support came from Phase 3 of the pre-commercial procurement programme EuropeWave, with the capital behind it coming from the EU.

IDOM Consulting and CETO Wave Energy Ireland are also recipients of EuropeWave’s Phase 3, both will put out to sea their wave devices in Spain.