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Tees Valley hydrogen transport hub gets £8m funding boost

Tees Valley hydrogen funding
Image credit: atk work / Shutterstock

The Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub has received a second allotment of funding from the government to invest in hydrogen companies and skills.

The £8m top-up announced today adds to the Tees Valley hub’s £20m competition launched last autumn.

Hydrogen technology is in its infancy but holds high promise to provide a renewable and readily available source of energy.

ULEMCo is among those receiving a slice of the funding for its airport support vehicles, which are powered by the emerging fuel type and used at Teesside airport.

“The aim to have Teesside airport operationally net zero by 2030 is only the beginning,” said Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen.

“We’re still pioneering offshore, carbon capture and renewable technologies over at Teesworks, to truly cement Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool as the place to do business in innovative and clean technologies.”

Element 2, a startup, has also received capital to construct four more public hydrogen refuelling stations, bringing the country’s total when complete to 12.

Hydrogen fuel cells can create electricity by combining oxygen and hydrogen atoms.

Mike Biddle, executive director for net zero at Innovate UK, said: “Place-based innovation like this is vital to invigorate local economies like the Tees Valley. These projects are an important investment to decarbonise transport and a boost for local innovation, investment, skills and business growth.”

Many UK companies are working within the field of hydrogen, such as hydrogen device maker Levidian and self-driving hydrogen truck firm HVS.

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