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Climate startup Levidian installs first hydrogen device in Europe

Levidian Europe
Image credit: Levidian

Cambridge-based climate startup Levidian has selected Luxembourg as its first European location to deploy its decarbonisation devices that convert methane into hydrogen and carbon.

Luxembourg-based Stugalux will use Levidian’s LOOP device to break methane into hydrogen and carbon atoms, then turn the carbon into wonder material graphene for use in residential construction. The devices do not require additives or catalysts, Levidian said.

John Hartley, CEO of Levidian, said: “Stugalux is a fantastic example of how a LOOP system can be used to decarbonise in three ways simultaneously. By processing agricultural biomethane, these LOOPs will be utilising waste gas, delivering hydrogen to power, and embedding graphene to decarbonise construction products.”

Stugalux will begin with a LOOP20, which means it is estimated to remove 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) annually. Before 2025, Stugalux hopes to have two LOOP100s.

“Together, the three LOOP systems will process nearly 250,000 cubic meters of waste gas per year, producing more than 30 tonnes of graphene and preventing 572 tonnes of CO2e every year,” said Joel Schons, owner of Stugalux.

Levidian has received both government and corporate financial backing. It is straddling two promising areas of climate technology, with graphene hailed for its green credentials in construction and hydrogen an increasingly sought-after energy source.

Levidian’s Europe installation comes after it deployed its first LOOP device the in the UK with Eco Group last November.

In May 2022, Levidian signed a £700m export contract with Zero Carbon Ventures to remove half a million tonnes of CO2e.