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Hydrogen fuel startup Bramble Energy raises £35m

bramble energy founders
Image credit: Bramble Energy

Hydrogen fuel startup Bramble energy has secured £35m in Series B funding led by investors HydrogenOne Capital Growth.

Further investment came from BGF, IP Group, Parkwalk Advisors and the UCL Technology Fund.

The London-based company will use the new round of funding to expand its deployment of its fuel cell stack technology commercially in an effort to decarbonise various industries. Bramble energy will also be looking to increase its headcount from 35 to 100.

The energy company was co-founded in 2016 by Dr Tom Mason and is using its patented printed circuit board fuel cell design to try and solve the challenges of using hydrogen fuel cells, such as manufacturing costs and scalability.

“There is no bigger challenge that humanity faces than the climate crisis and our team’s core purpose is to help the world achieve net zero,” said Bramble co-founder and CEO Dr Tom Mason. “Hydrogen fuel cells have long been viewed as a ‘future’ solution however deployment of this clean energy technology has been hindered by complex manufacturing and the high costs associated with this.”

He added: “As net zero goals near, there are only going to be more and more opportunities that present themselves for our technology to develop and work to aid the clean energy transition.”

Hydrogen-based energy is seen as one of several key investment areas to support the goal of decarbonising the UK, helping to reach the goal of net zero by 2050.

Hydrogen was repeatedly mentioned in the UK government’s 10-point plan for green energy in 2020.

The latest investment follows the previous round of funding received by the company back in 2020, when Bramble secured £5m in Series A funding and increased the company size from a staff of three to 35.

Prior to this funding round, its total funding stood at $10.4m (£7.7m). The combined value of London’s climate tech startups stood at $28bn.