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We STILL need more women in tech

Much has changed in the global tech sector in the years I’ve been covering it, but one issue remains: the lack of diversity, and specifically, the resounding need to attract more women into the industry.

Bearing in mind technology is synonymous with innovation, disruption and change much of the latter needs to happen if it’s ever going to rid itself of the “tech bro” culture it’s so long been associated with and desperately needs to shake off.

Recent developments and scandals have highlighted the need to encourage more females into leadership positions across a myriad of industries, and although the zeitgeist is seemingly favourable, when it comes to tech, the stats are incredibly disheartening.

Research released by AllBright, found that one in five (22%) of female founders say they are not being heard by male investors. A survey by tech recruitment firm Dice and Bustle suggests that pay inequality in the technology industry is a real problem, with an overwhelming majority (82%) of female respondents saying they believed in the existence of a wage gap. Some 60% of respondents also stated they were treated differently to their male colleagues. Additionally, the data found that women in tech were earning fewer promotions and raises when compared to their male counterparts, who incidentally, boasted the same amount of experience....