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UK leads Europe space investment

space investment
Image credit: Space Forge

The UK is leading the race for space investment in Europe, accounting for 17% of the sector’s global funding.

Globally the UK’s space sector only receives less private money than the US.

“We’ve spear-headed new investment into the UK space sector from homegrown and valued international partners,” said Joshua Western, CEO and co-founder of Space Forge.

“The growth in our company and this sector is testament to the untapped potential of the UK space ecosystem.”

Almost all (95%) of all space investment last year was into revenue-producing businesses.

PwC estimates the world’s space activity will increase up to 11% annually until 2030.

Craig Brown, investment director, UK Space Agency, said: “From today’s satellite communications to the future of orbital assembly, space has taken on an increased significance as a deeply embedded part of the global economy that is poised to grow at up to 11% per annum to 2030.”...