New technology, iKydz from Zyalin Group, is being launched in the UK aimed at making the internet safer for children.

iKydz gives parents complete control of what their children are doing online, controlling internet access whether a child is on wi-fi at home or out and about using a 3G/4G/5G network.

The iKydz product suite is retail ready – meaning that telecom firms can easily white label and integrate it as part of their existing offering.

According to recent reports, the global parental control market was valued at around USD1,400m in 2016 and is expected to reach approximately USD3,300m by 2025.

The global parental control market is expected to exhibit a Compound Annual Growth Rate of over 11.5% between 2018 and 2025.

Zyalin Group founders John Molloy, Eddie Kilbane and Owen Van den Bergh are all tech entrepreneurs and parents themselves with a passion to make the internet safer for children.

Zyalin Group director of operations, Owen Van den Bergh, said: “There is an epidemic brewing in today’s connected world. Children’s open, unchecked use of the internet is leading to a shift in young people’s social interactions, often to the detriment of their mental health. Much like global warming, the world may not see the problem until it is too late.

“We want to make a safer internet. And we want telecoms companies to use our products to help parents and carers create boundaries on the internet for their children. Our simple, retail-ready solution can easily be white labelled by phone operators and vendors.

“We provide our solutions with a simple, scalable infrastructure, making it easy for operators and providers to deploy revenue-generating, value-adding services to their customers.

“It gives telecommunication companies a strong differentiator in a fractured marketplace that is crowded with poorly thought-through half-solutions around Internet safety and control.”

The products are device and system agnostic, meaning telecoms operators’ customers can easily manage their children’s online access and screen time across any type of connected device including mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

Owen added, “Customers are frustrated and confused by what’s currently on offer in the internet safety space. There is a real need for a robust but unobtrusive solution.

“Unlike most of the app-based solutions currently on offer, iKydz software cannot be switched off or removed by tech-savvy kids. This means that parents and carers are fully in control of everything their children access on the internet via their smartphones, games consoles and tablets and how long for.”

iKydz is available to operators and telecoms companies in an array of configurations, with little to no integration requirements and really fast deployment, including as a QR code sold as a part of a smartphone package to customers. The technology is a first of its kind NRCP agent (Network Resident Control Protocol) solution meaning it runs like an application but sits on the back-end of the child’s device. Children cannot remove or switch off the software once it’s set up.

iKydz has been successfully launched in Ireland where it is being sold through Nokia and Vodafone. The company has also agreed deals with retailers and phone networks in China, Japan, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Nigeria.