Best Mining Simulator Games in 2021

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Isn’t it amazing that some online games we have access to today allow us to not only get technical but also earn money? The online sims now cover all possible industries on the planet and it becomes very hard to find a craft that is not one way or another, replicated in a simulator game. Keeping this in mind, what does the market look like if one is interested in mining simulator games? 

Luckily, this industry has not been left without online games developers’ attention and today we present you with a list of the best online mining simulator games that currently exist on the web. Best part about it all is that some of these mining sims actually let you earn extra cash, simply by playing and completing online mini games! Impossible?

The answer is that it is very much a reality and however unreal it may sound, best online simulator games do in fact remunerate their players with real cash as per list below. Over the course of the last decade mining has changed in meaning as a term and does not necessarily mean the mining of coal, gold and other metals. In 2021 mining also assumes bitcoin mining and of course this industry has also been gamified and turned into a fully fledged mining simulator game. 

Best mining simulators evaluation

Whilst gold and coal mining form the legacy crafts of humanity, bitcoin mining can be considered as the new kid on the block. It is okay not to be into it, but the fact of the matter is that it is here to stay and this is why we have to consider it with the same seriousness as we go about gold mining and coal extraction. Going deeper into the subject, bitcoin mining is still a thing, becoming a business that practically doubled in revenue over the last couple of months. So what do you play if you are on the market for the best mining simulator, regardless whether you have to mine gold, coal or bitcoin? Best advice we can give is to dive into the online mining simulator games specified below!

  • Rollercoin

If you ever tried looking for a great online mining simulator, chances are, you’ve come across Rollercoin before. It is a free, most established bitcoin mining simulator on the web, with thousands of players across the globe and vibrant community around it. The best part about Rollercoin is that you earn real bitcoin (DOGE, ETH) as it takes you through all stages of mining in a fun game-like way. This in turn means that you do not only mine real bitcoin, but also learn the technical part of the craft. 

More so, you can compete with friends or simply challenge players from all over the world in a bid to become the best miner of them all. By playing bitcoin related mini games you increase the hashrate of your miners and in the end get bitcoin which you can either withdraw or re-invest in making your mining rig better and more powerful. 

There is really little not to like about Rollercoin because it is an online sim where you can pick up knowledge, play games and mine real bitcoin all for free! Full review of this game find here

Game price: Free

Reward: crypto

Genre: Simulation

Realism: 10/10

Lets you mine: Bitcoin, Etherum, Doge

  • Coal Mining Simulator

It seems that the guys at GamePlanet are also not sitting still, given the recent release of their coal mining simulator. Similar to Rollercoin, this online simulator takes you through all stages of coal mining and exposes you to the everyday issues real world miners are faced with. Unfortunately this game does not reward you with real cash for the time spent playing, but it serves as a great platform to get acquainted with how hard actual coal mining really is. It puts you in charge of machinery, mining equipment and explosives and promises a very realistic experience. 

Game price: Free

Reward: None

Genre: Simulation

Realism: 7/10

Lets you mine: Coal

  • Gold Rush

The only mining simulator game in our list that is based on the actual world renowned tv series about gold mining. Gold Rush immerses you into the world of gold search and extraction by providing a player with equipment, world map and tools needed for the job. It is the most real gold mining simulator that currently exists on the market but once again, just like contender 2 and unlike Rollercoin, the gold reward you get is fictional and remains in the game. Another disadvantage of this gold mining simulator is that it is not free.

Game price: min $10.00

Reward: None

Genre: Simulation

Realism: 9/10

Lets you mine: Gold

  • True Mining Simulator

Designed by a small team of developers, True Mining Simulator takes a poke at bitcoin mining, replicating the basics of what crypto mining is all about. The team behind this mining simulator is open about their attitude towards game development, which is not as fast paced as one may expect. Still, the game serves as a good starter pack mining simulator and judging by reviews provides a suitable level of realism. Despite the above, the game is not free and does not let you mine real bitcoin.

Game price: $5.6

Reward: None

Genre: Simulation, Indie games, Early Access

Realism: 6/10

Lets you mine: Bitcoin

Mining simulator games summary

It is clear that the sim movement has not gone past the craft of mining, leaving it untouched. The scene boasts a number of vibrant contenders but only one seems to stand out from the rest. Yes, we are talking about Rollercoin and its perks are obvious. It is the only online bitcoin mining sim that is free and the only online game that lets you mine real bitcoin. If coal or gold mining is your thing, you can opt in favour of Gold Rush or Coal Mining Simulator and enjoy the realism attached to these crafts. Still, isn’t it great when you can play and get rewarded for it?

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