EIT Digital launch DATA against Covid-19

Under the umbrella of “DATA against COVID-19”, EIT Digital is rapidly mobilising and supporting its community as well as the broader European innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to overcome the current crisis.

In early May EIT Digital’s DeepHack brought together students, entrepreneurs and innovators to develop digital solutions for data driven epidemic and pandemic lifecycle management.

A team of EIT Digital Master School won the #EUvsVIRUS hackathon with a 3D printed remote monitoring device for coronavirus patients whilst several EIT Digital Accelerator scaleups provided solutions to manage the pandemic.

Today EIT Digital announces two additional innovation support programmes under the umbrella ‘DATA Against Covid-19’ that carries a maximum €15M budget; Venture Support Instrument to provide targeted support to high impact and growth startups, scaleups and SMEs which are impacted by COVID-19 crisis, with the goal to adapt
and accelerate within the post crisis economic reality.

European startups, scaleups and SMEs focused on digital deep tech, operating in any of EIT Digital’s focus areas – Digital Tech, Digital Cities, Digital Industry, Digital Wellbeing, or Digital Finance – can be supported.

A specific project plan with milestones will need to be submitted. A maximum support of €500K over 6 months (July to December 2020) will be provided to selected ventures. Ventures that will be supported will need contribute to the
EIT Digital sustainability, typically through an equity arrangement.

Innovation Activities for pandemic response projects can be supported when it comes to “DATA against COVID-19”. The support will be for innovators operating in the Digital Wellbeing focus area and developing concrete data-driven solutions against COVID-19 to make a significant impact in six months.

In particular, we invite interested partners to join efforts to develop contract tracing using physical tokens. Again, a maximum support of €500K is available for each project and the rules of EIT Digital’s Innovation Activities will apply to the supported activities for launching a product or startup including consortiums of 2-6 partners whom provide a minimum 35% of co-funding.

Applications are open until 25th May and further information is available via the EIT Digital
website: https://www.eitdigital.eu/eit-digital-data-against-covid-19/