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Brexit and Covid-19 have created a perfect storm for outsourcing


In the preparations for life outside of the European Union, one of British companies’ biggest concerns was access to skilled, talented workers – this was particularly true within the tech sector. 

Brexit always threatened to exacerbate the already well-documented shortage of tech talent for UK startups and scaleups, with fewer skilled workers coming to the country from the bloc. In fact, over half of tech founders (55%) surveyed by Tech London Advocates (TLA) believe Brexit is the biggest threat to the capital’s digital industries, owing largely to the prospect of missing out on top international talent. 

Not only do companies risk missing out on hiring skilled workers from the EU, however, but there is also a danger that they may struggle to retain existing talent. Indeed, a survey by Deloitte following the referendum on EU membership revealed almost half (47%) of highly-skilled workers from the EU were considering leaving the UK in the next five years.  ...