Engineering AI startup PhysicsX raises £25.3m

PhysicsX co-founders, Robin Tuluie and Jacomo Corbo PhysicsX co-founders, Robin Tuluie and Jacomo Corbo

PhysicsX, a startup working on various engineering-focused AIs, has raised $32m (£25.3m) in a Series A round led by General Catalyst.

It is building a group of AI tools to assist with engineering and manufacturing by speeding up workloads like physics and virtual simulations.

“Engineering design processes were transformed by numerical simulation and the availability of high-performance compute infrastructure,” said Robin Tuluie, founder and co-CEO of PhysicsX.

“The move from numerical simulation to deep learning represents a similar leap and will unlock new levels of product performance and ways of practising engineering itself.”

The London-based AI startup, which has over 50 engineers, attracted further capital from Radius Capital, Standard Industries, NGP Energy with KKR co-founder and co-executive chairman Henry Kravis.

Jacomo Corbo, co-founder and co-CEO of PhysicsX, said: “Our customers are designing the most important technologies of our time, including wind turbines, aircraft engines, electric vehicles, semiconductors, metals, and biofuels.”

He added: “They are exceeding the limits of today’s computer-aided engineering tooling- which is the basis for our own collaboration with them and is the starting point for the problems we set our technology against.”

The company will use the funds for fundamental research, product and customer delivery.

General Catalyst executive in-residence Jim Baum joins PhysicsX’s board as part of the deal, while ex-chairman and CEO of QuantumBlack Jeremy Palmer becomes chairman.