Google, Microsoft meet at Downing Street for AI Opportunity Forum

AI Opportunity Image credit: Andy Wasley / Shutterstock

Business and technology leaders from Google, Microsoft, Vodafone and Barclays will convene at 10 Downing Street today for the first “AI Opportunity Forum”.

Announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in December, the forum will see the group discuss how to drive the adoption of AI in the private sector.

The initial meeting, hosted by tech secretary Michelle Donelan, will focus on incorporating AI solutions into businesses to support economic growth.

The session is the first of three planned for the AI Opportunity Forum, with further meetings planned for April and June.

“The AI Opportunity Forum will do exactly as it says on the tin – highlighting the enormous opportunities of AI to encourage businesses to ramp up their adoption, drive growth and bring about new ways of working alongside the technology,” said Donelan.

“The forum will build upon the work of our existing multilateral and multi-stakeholder engagements and initiatives in understanding how we shape the development of AI to benefit people, communities and society.”

The meeting comes amid the release of the AI assurance introduction guide from the Responsible Technology Adoption Unit. The publication is a response to the principles set out in the government’s AI white paper last year.

Last week the AI Safety Institute – a UK government-backed group of researchers – published its first set of findings since its launch as part of the AI Safety Summit.

The group warned of the dangerous possibilities of the technology, highlighting existing fears that AI can be used to deceive people and generate biased outcomes.