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Three generative AI takeaways for businesses

generative ai takeaways

Generative AI has exploded into the mainstream. It is changing the way people work and disrupting entire industries. It also comes with challenges and risks that the business world will need to grapple with.

To unpack some of these key considerations, UKTN hosted a webinar discussion with a panel of sector experts, in partnership with transatlantic law firm Womble Bond Dickinson.

The session explored how different sectors are embracing generative AI, whether the hype is justified and some of the technology’s risks and limitations.

Here are three key generative AI takeaways from the webinar that businesses should know.

The hype is justified – but there will be peaks and troughs

At the heart of the rapid adoption of generative AI tools is the “incredibly human-like, and in some cases, astonishingly accurate” responses, said Katie Simmonds, managing associate and technology and data privacy lawyer at Womble Bond Dickinson....