7 smart ways to manage your time on social media

Social media networking offers a convenient way for people to connect with businesses, family members, friends, and colleagues. The average person spends approximately 144 minutes per day on social media. Content creators typically spend a lot more than two hours per day because they want to maintain a steady stream of content flowing on their social media channels.

But is that really a good idea? If you feel the pressure to produce content regularly, you could spend several hours per day on social media. The worst part is you won’t necessarily produce the results you want from your target audience. Don’t assume more people will follow your social media channels just because you create more content. That is not how it works.

Below are seven smart ways to manage your time on social media.

1) Purchase Followers 

It takes a long time to accumulate followers on social media networks, such as Instagram. You could spend months or years on building your reputation on social media. But what if you could fast track the process of gaining your first 10,000 followers or more?

For example, if you buy Instagram followers, you don’t have to wait for people to find your channel and click the “Follow” button. You can add several thousands of followers to your Instagram channel within a matter of days rather than months and years. It is the easiest and quickest way to save time.

The same thing can be done to get more “likes” and viewers. If you don’t see enough people viewing your Instagram posts, you could always purchase Instagram views to drive more traffic to them. And if you want your posts to have more likes, you can buy them too.

Just make sure you never buy fake Instagram likes. Otherwise, you could end up hurting the rank of your Instagram channel. The best way to avoid this problem is to choose a reputable vendor with a lot of positive feedback on the internet. If you can verify that they sell authentic viewers, likes, and followers, it is a worthy investment for your Instagram channel.

2) Create Quality Content

When you have a large audience on social media, you can keep them engaged with your channel by regularly posting content. However, quantity is not better than quality when it comes to social media engagement. If you only focus on creating posts with no regard to the quality of the content, you will never attract a loyal audience.

So, what does this mean for time management? Well, for starters, you don’t have to create posts for your channel several times per day. If you were to make one high-quality post per day or every other day, it would earn you more traffic than ten low-quality posts per day. Not only that, but you would also save an enormous amount of time because you won’t have to post as much content.

3) Use Scheduling Tools

Once your social media channels have thousands of followers and views, you may want to increase the number of high-quality posts you create on them per day. But the trick is to post content throughout the day rather than all at once. If you were to make five posts within 30 minutes, for example, it would have negative repercussions on your channel’s rank.

You probably don’t have the time to keep logging into social media and posting new content throughout the day. That is why you should take advantage of social media scheduling tools so that you can auto-schedule the posts to your channels. Hootsuite is one popular scheduling tool because it helps users create engaging content that can be auto-scheduled for posting 24/7.

4) Choose a Few Social Networks Only

Don’t try to conquer the internet. You don’t need to post content on every social media network that exists. If you want to save time and energy, focus on only a select number of social media networks. Most people would choose to focus on Facebook and Instagram since they’re the two biggest platforms on the internet.

Your goals might be different, though. Perhaps your brand would benefit more from content on LinkedIn or Twitter rather than Facebook and Instagram. It all depends on the target audience you want to reach, and the type of content they demand. We recommend that you focus on two social media networks at a time.

Now you might think to yourself, “Why not post the same content on multiple networks?” If you do that, it will cause SEO problems for your social media channels. The Google algorithm does not like it when multiple webpages have the same content. It will consider the content as plagiarism, even if it’s the plagiarism of your own content. Then your social media channels will lose rank in Google search results.

5) Use a Timer

Social media is an easy timewaster if you don’t watch the clock every second. As you read through comments and write replies, several hours could go by without you even realizing it. Keep a timer on your desk so that you know how much time has been exhausted. It will help you set a better pace for your social media management tasks.

There are virtual timer apps you can download for your smartphone. If you don’t want to purchase an actual timer, you could use the timer app instead. Just browse the Google Play or Apple Store to find the timer app that you like the most. There are literally hundreds of them available in each store.

6) Hire a Social Media Manager

When you become a bigshot on social media with tens of thousands of followers or more, you will have no choice but to hire a social media manager. If you attempt to manage a popular social media channel on your own, you will never get any sleep. A social media manager can help you complete repetitive tasks, such as replying to comments and customer service.

You can hire a freelance social media manager on websites like Fiverr.com and Freelancer.com. That way, you don’t have to hire permanent employees or make any long-term commitments with your managers.

7) Create a Plan

You should develop a plan if you’re serious about establishing a popular social media channel. How many followers do you want to have on your channel? How many hours per day can you devote to achieving that goal? These questions must be answered as part of your social media plan.

Most importantly, a plan will let you schedule how much time you spend on social media per day. If you can strictly stick to the plan, you will prevent yourself from wasting unnecessary time. Complete the tasks that need to be completed without wandering off and doing anything else unproductive on social media.