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Metaverse data platform Geeiq raises £6.6m

Image credit: Geeiq

YFM Equity Partners has led a $8.2m (£6.6m) investment into metaverse intelligence platform Geeiq.

Based in London, Geeiq’s data gives businesses insights into the demographics, interests and other brands their audience likes.

Brands including Gucci, Porsche and Walmart are customers of Geeiq’s analysis software.

“We’re at an inflection point where traditional advertising and social media presence will no longer cut it for brands entering this space,” said Helen Villiers from YFM Equity Partners. “They need tools like Geeiq for KPI measurement and attribution.”

While the flurry of investment into metaverse startups may have calmed down, Villiers says the startup “continues to operate and thrive”.

Elton John’s “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road” Roblox concert used data from the startup.

Charles Hambro, CEO of Geeiq, said: “We want to ensure that our company is as well positioned as possible to help visionary brands gain a data-driven and profitable presence in the virtual space.”

The GFR Fund, a San Francisco-based investment firm, and an angel investor also contributed to the round.

Hambro said: “The YFM team also aided us in appointing a new, highly experienced chair, Michel Cassius, previously of Apple, Electronic Arts and Microsoft Xbox, who is playing a key role in our development.”

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