We spoke with Praveen Shankar, a partner at EY, about why UK tech entrepreneurs should continue to develop and enhance their skills.

Hi Praveen. Thank you very much for joining us. Can you provide us with an outline of the recently launched EY Henley Flexible Executive MBA for Telecommunications?

Sure, we are really excited about this. This course is enabled by the strategy partnership between EY and Henley Business School. It brings the best of both organisations together; the world renowned academic expertise of Henley Business School and the deep industry expertise of EY’s telecom practitioners. They create an innovative programme that is really relevant for the industry.

It’s a 30 month programme and it will be partially funded by the UK’s apprenticeship levy that is aimed towards the managers and senior managers who are ready to move to the senior leadership roles. It is set to start in the beginning of next year.

So, what are the benefits for individuals and companies? 

This will be a big catalyst for individuals to enhance their career through the learning of the full breadth of their MBA and the depth of the telecom industry.

Secondly, it will help them build a network because they can network with peers, who will be the participants, and with industry leaders who will be the speakers on the course. Plus, they can tap into the whole alumni network of Henley Business school.

How will the MBA shape the telecom industry as a whole? 

The telecom industry is rapidly changing and it is a highly regulated industry. Customers and their demands are changing rapidly, and the industry is being massively disrupted by digital.

What the industry needs right now is more specialists, it needs more people who understand the entire industry landscape. It also needs a platform for the companies to collaborate outside the typical work environment, and this MBA is going to provide that.

In your opinion, why is it so important for individuals to continually develop their skills and knowledge?

The telecoms industry, along with most other sectors, is changing because digital is everywhere.

As a result, the status quo is not an option for any company or individual. It’s essential that everyone continues to develop and upskill.

Aside from this, this continuous learning and development is exciting, it’s inspiring and it challenges the mind to think more broadly, to find different solutions and create a better working world.