Tech Chats: Why tech companies should be customer obsessed

For this month’s Hot Topics Interview, we spoke with EY’s Michael von der Geest about why technology companies should strive to be customer obsessed.

But, what does this really mean?

According to von der Geest, being customer obsessed is about getting a really deep understanding on who an end-customer is, or should be.

“It’s also about asking yourself how you use data to understand your customers and to be able to pivot to give them what they desire,” he told UKTN.

But, how can technology companies keep that focus as they scale?

Von der Geest touches on the changes happening across the business world. Decades ago, winning businesses would have set out to build adequate structures in a bid to maximise efficiency. And while that’s still the case, to some extent, today’s winners are much more focused on delivering what consumers what – sometimes even before they know they want it.

“If you are a large organisation, you have to remove barriers and silos. If you’re a startup, avoid building those functional silos.”

For this and more, watch the interview below: