Since the announcement of 5G technology, it has been hit with a lot of conspiracy theories. From being linked with emitting damaging radiation to a way for the government to spy on citizens, the internet has heard it all.

But as the bad press starts to die down, people are realising that this advanced fifth-generation wireless technology has a lot to offer. Here are some of the advantages of 5G and how the UK is currently embracing this new technology in more towns and cities.

The Advantages Offered by 5G

The main reason why smartphone users want 5G is due to the speed it can offer you. In fact, it is one of the fastest technologies that is currently available across the world. This can offer you a lot of freedom when you are online. For example, you will be able to download movies quickly, as well as enjoy lower lag when you are gaming online. For example, you can play at online casinos without interruption and with a much faster and cleaner connection.

In addition, businesses are set to benefit from 5G technology. It is expected to allow companies to run more efficiently, keeping workers connected, as well as allowing functions to run more smoothly.

The Expansion of 5G in the UK

With many advantages offered by 5G technology, it was not long until it was introduced in the United Kingdom. In May 2019, the first 5G service was launched by EE. This was able to cover major cities in the UK, including Edinburgh, Cardiff, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Belfast.

Of course, almost two years have passed since the initial release of 5G and this means that more towns and cities are now enjoying this fast technology. This was after the initial success of 5G and how its popularity grew. Major cities from Aberdeen to Leeds are now able to use 5G and this has meant that people can improve their personal browsing, as well as working.

For example, EE is now able to offer a lot of people in the UK 5G. This includes 125 towns and cities. This means people are able to connect and video call for work and to catch-up with loved ones. It has also meant that the network has been named as the number one network for gaming in the United Kingdom. Indeed, gamers are enjoying a better experience when they are playing online.

EE has reported that there has been a 40 percent growth in 5G mobile broadband usage between October and December 2020. In particular, this was enjoyed across different social media websites, particularly Facebook and Instagram. It will be no surprise that this increase was also people taking advantage of the fast and reliable connection to watch YouTube videos and movie on Netflix. Namely, this increased usage was enjoyed in London, Manchester and Birmingham in England, as well as Glasgow in Scotland and Cardiff in Wales. The rollout of 5G is set to continue across the UK.