TWIT Emily 01.09.16

Welcome to your Week in Tech – a roundup of the week’s top technology news.

In this episode, we bring you the £21m Series E received by, Wired‘s ‘hottest startups’ supplement and the launch of Amazon’s new Dash buttons.

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Investments raised a £21m Series E round. The firm said it will use the funds to expand internationally and further invest in technology, innovation, marketing and operations.

Premium restaurant booking platform Velocity secured a $22.5m Series B round. The London-founded company aims to expand to 29 cities across the world by 2020.

Other investments this week include the £1.4m raised by indoor location software firm Sensewhere and $2.5m raised by Pusher, an app developer platform.

Best of British

Ten UK tech firms have made it into the Wired ‘Europe’s 100 hottest startups’ magazine supplement. Running annually since 2011, the list is a collection of startups considered ‘hot’ by Europe’s investors.

Companies on the list include student accommodation site, Magic Pony and Deliveroo.

International story

Tech giant Apple has been ordered to pay $13bn in back taxes to Ireland. This is after the EU ruled the tax deal between Apple and the Irish tax authorities broke state aid laws.

The usual corporation tax rate in Ireland is 12.5%, but in 2014, Apple only paid tax at 0.005%. Apple has said it intends to appeal the ruling.

Download of the week

Our download of the week is Run An Empire. Recently launched in the UK, Run An Empire is a location-based running game described as ‘Pokemon Go for running’.

The game uses your phone’s GPS to record the path you take while running. To capture a territory, simply run around it. All players use the same map, so it’s possible local players will steal your territory, then it’s up to you to get out there and steal it back.

And Finally…

And finally, Amazon has launched its instant-order Internet of Things buttons in the UK.

The service is called Dash, and the buttons can be placed on objects around the home. This means you can instantly order items as and when you realise you’re running out.

There are are initially 40 branded buttons to choose from, from toothbrush heads, kitchen roll and washing up liquid to coffee and anti-smoking aids.

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