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Silk Road Shut Down, Delta goes paperless, Moshi Monsters Take Over & More in Your Week in Tech

Catch up with the biggest tech stories of the week

Catch the Week in Tech every Friday from 07:00 London time

This week: Silk Road is shut down with £2 million Bitcoin seized by FBI, Delta goes paperless, Moshi Monsters take over the world & more in your Week in Tech.

Thanks to Busuu for hosting us this week. They’re the worlds largest social network for language learning. Find out more about them here!

Catch the Week in Tech every Friday from 07:00 London time.

Download of the week

Our Download of the week is Citymapper, the awesome A to B journey planner that considers all the possibilities to plot out your best  route. It even has a teleporter option! It’s currently only available  for London and New York but will be expanding soon.

Available for download on iOs and Android now.


The Week in Tech is your bitesize video guide to the top 3 tech stories of the week, presented by Tech City News’ very own Anastasia Emmanuel

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