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Roli closes $27m round, ASOS fashion accelerator, NHS shares data with Deepmind & more in your Week in Tech


VTS has raised $55m in Series C funding. The commercial real estate platform provides real-time portfolio analytics to the top landlords and brokerage firms.

Music technology company Roli has closed a $27m Series B funding round led by Foundry Group. The makers of the seaboard rise hope to expand into new markets.

E-commerce marketplace Farfetch has closed a $110m Series F round. Farfetch brings together over four hundred independent fashion boutiques in their online store.

SAM Labs, the creator of Internet of Things electronic kits, has raised £3.2m in funding in a round led by Imperial Innovations Group.

Accomable, a startup which helps disabled and elderly people find adapted hotels and holiday rentals, has raised £300,000 in seed funding.

Fashion Tech accelerator

ASOS and Wayra have joined forces to create a Fashion accelerator for the ASOS and Wayra accelerator programme.

The eight month programme is offering £34,000 in direct investment, dedicated acceleration services, intensive mentoring and office space to a select number of innovative startups in the fashion sector.

Fashion Tech startups in the UK have until 23rd of May to apply.

Deepmind NHS data

Google’s London-based artificial intelligence company Deepmind, has been given access to the healthcare data of up to 1.6  million patients from three hospitals run by a major London NHS trust.

DeepMind announced in February that it was developing a software in partnership with NHS hospitals to alert staff to patients at risk of deterioration and death through kidney failure.

Although anonymous the agreement allows Deepmind to access to detailed  records of all these people’s medical history, including HIV status, past drug overdoses and abortions.

Download of the Week

Our Download of the Week is Doodle Maths.

DoodleMaths helps improve children’s confidence and ability in maths.

Designed by Bath-based company EZ education, the app will identify your child’s level, strengths and weaknesses, and help them learn at their own pace.

And finally

And finally, Instagram was hacked by a 10 year old Finnish boy this week, who managed to hack the platform and delete comments.

The lucky young man received $10,000 as a bug bounty.

Facebook has given out $4.3m in rewards for finding bugs since 2011.