Harvest is a must download for tech’s self-employed workers

Our Download of the Week is Harvest, an app that makes it easier to track your time, create invoices for your work and make sure you never forget any expenses.

Available online and on iOS and Android.

Keep track of everything

Freelancing is often a ball-juggling task.

You have to keep track of billable hours. You have to keep track of expenses. You have to invoice. And then, of course you have to do the actual work itself.

Harvest lets you keep track of all the above and more in an easy to use online platform and app, so you can access it wherever you need it.

It seamlessly lets you build online invoices by pulling all the relevant data and produces reports so you can see exactly how you’re distributing your time and working for the most.

Harvest invoice

Complete integration

Harvest’s software integrates with a number of other services, including Google Apps, Trello, Stripe, and PayPal.

It also works with almost any coding language you can think of. So if you are tech literate you, can code away to your heart’s content to make Harvest do whatever you need it to.

Unfortunately, this isn’t your standard free online service. Plans start from $12 (about £8) per month and get much more expensive for larger companies.

Testament to the excellence of Harvest’s software, it is use by some of the world’s biggest companies including Nike, VW and Johnson & Johnson.

If you’re tired of juggling invoices, expenses, and time sheets, Harvest is worth a try.