Download of the Week: Mailbox for Android

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Mailbox is your email’s best friend, now available for Android!

Inbox Hell

Everyone experiences inbox hell and dreams of  zero unread emails, but Mailbox promises that this could be a reality with their email service.

Mailbox has been dubbed the best Gmail client around, and has 275 million users to date. Until now the email app has only been available on iOS but Dropbox announced this week that the app is now available on Android and a beta version for Mac will soon be available.

Mailbox-app (1)

Emails best friend

The app allows you to sort through your emails quickly, saving certain emails for later, adding them to ‘to-do lists’ and deleting with just a swipe. They have also just introduced a new feature called Auto-swipe which will remember your archive swipes and which types of emails you snooze, so that it can proactively replicate your preferences and avoid you having to deal with endless newsletters and spam.

iOS, Android and soon Mac!

Email is naturally  cross platform, therefore if Mailbox wants to be a serious player in the market, and take on Gmail, it needs to be available on all devices. They are taking steps toward this will the app now out on Android we are sure that the Mac version will increase popularity. Download Mailnox now on iOS or Android and sign up to be the first to test out Mailbox for Mac!

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