Broadband cuts, Benjamin Southworth and a FAST CAR: The Week In Tech

<div ><noscript >The Week in Tech – 28th June 2013

This Week: How budget cuts mean your broadband won’t be getting quicker, Benjamin Southworth’s stepping down from his role at Tech City Investment Organisation,  and a Lord breaks the land speed record.

Plus how to avoid your friends using anti-social media.

The Week in Tech is your video guide to the biggest tech stories of the week, presented by Tech City News’ very own Tom Platt.


Thanks to Kingsland Road Studio for hosting us this week.

Further reading

George Osborne’s high-speed broadband plan ends in vouchers [Juliette Garside, The Guardian]
Benjamin Southworth steps down from Tech City Investment Organisation [Alex Wood, Tech City News]
Drayson Racing electric car sets new world speed record [Leo Kelion, BBC News]

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